Human Rights is too Important to Leave to Politicians
Aug 28, 2017
Robert Philp, Chief of the Commissions & Tribunals
Human Rights is too Important to Leave to Politicians

Judge Robert Philp became Chief of the Commission and Tribunals of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, on July 1st 2014. He is a respected jurist and lawyer, a community and social justice activist, committed to human rights, equality and education, locally, nationally and internationally. Judge Philp earned his BA from the University of Alberta in 1972 and his Law Degree from the same University in 1975. Judge Philp has been a strong supporter of his alma mater as a donor, volunteer and frequent lecturer.
Judge Philp was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Business from 1979 to 1996. Judge Philp continues to lecture in many University Faculties. As well as his University lectures Judge Philp is a frequent public speaker on community, poverty and human rights issues.
Judge Philp has extensive legal and judicial experience, which includes 29 years in the practice of law, 9 years as an Alberta Criminal Court Judge and 7 years as a Deputy Judge of the Northwest Territories. In addition Judge Philp has many notable professional appointments including numerous appointments to Law Society Committees in Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
Judge Philp continues to hold executive or Board positions on many community organizations including Boyle Street Community Services, Reach Edmonton, the Edmonton Community Legal Center, Jellinek Men's Recovery House, and the Mayor’s Edmonton task force to end poverty. Judge Philp was named Queen's Counsel in December 1999. He received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003 and the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005. In 2017 he received a Distinguished Service Award from the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association and the Alberta Law Society.
Judge Philp is and continues to be a mentor to many young lawyers and law students.​