40th anniversary of Fifendekel - Meeting at Churchill
Feb 13, 2023 12:00 PM
Jacquie Fenske, Business Owner
40th anniversary of Fifendekel - Meeting at Churchill

NOTE the special location of this meeting at Churchill - 10015 103 Ave, for our second field trip of the year. 

There is free parking in the underground lot, accessible from the back and there will be no charge for either parking or lunch.  $10 registration fee.

Presentation:   40th anniversary of Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe.   https://www.fifendekel.ca/    Currently in four locations in Edmonton.

Jacquie Fenske will be speaking on the history of Fifendekel.  She has been the owner of the business since 1989.  She is an entrepreneur, a collaborator, a strategist and a woman of action.

She is currently President and CEO of Experience Alberta supporting rural communities through Roadside Stand Tours encouraging tourism.