Posted on May 16, 2017

Anne's Wine Survivor

Join Rotary in playing a fun and exciting summer game, Wine Survivor! All you need is $20 and a bottle of your favorite wine! A reverse draw will take place for the winners to be announced! Top three finalists will share the wine spoils.
How do I enter the draw? 
To be eligible for the draw you must purchase an entry ticket ($20) and provide one bottle of wine (minimum $15 value). You also have the option of purchasing up to 8 vetoes ($10 each) per bottle of wine you enter.
Rotarians can purchase their tickets in person at any Monday luncheon up until June 26th. Non-Rotarians can purchase tickets through a Rotary Club of Edmonton member.
What is a veto?
Inf your entry is drawn, we will re-enter your ticket up to 9 times, depending on the amount of immunities purchased. This essentially gives you 8 more entries into the draw without donating another bottle of wine. Once elimination begins, no more vetoes can be purchased unless the "VETO TOP-UP" entry is drawn from the hat. When the VETO TOP-UP entry is pulled, the remaining contestants will be able to top up their vetoes (up to a total of 5 per entry remaining in the draw).
How do I win? The last ticket pulled from the draw is the first place winner
First Place Wins: 2/3 of the bottles of wine in the bounty. "Two Can Dine" at Normand's five course meal with a bottle of wine with the dinner service, along with door to door car service.
Second Place will receive 1/3 of the bottles of wine, less 3 bottles for 3rd place.
Third Place will win 3 bottles of wine.
The prize splitting depends on how many participants/entries we have. 80 tickets available equals 80 bottles of wine.
What are the deadlines?
Entry fees will be accepted from May 1, 2017 to June 26, 2017. Final date of tickets drawn will be August 28, 2017
A weekly draw will take place at each Rotary luncheon.
Eliminations will be annoucned each Monday. Drawn tickets are eliminated from future draws unless they have purchased a veto, in which case the veto is lost and the ticket is re-entered until draw again.
A couple of notes:
  • Wine is not the only accepted item! Yes, we accept full 750mL bottles of liquor also (no Mickeys). Homemade wine/booze is not accepted.
  • Unlimited entries! One person can enter multiple times by providing multiple bottles of wine and entry fees. 8 vetoes can be purchased with each bottle entered.
  • If you do not have time to buy wine, or don't want to lug a bottle of wine through downtown on your way to the Rotary luncheon, simply fill out your credit card info with Connie for a $35 entry fee and the wine will be purchased on your behalf.