Posted by Brent Abbott on Apr 22, 2018
Brent's Rotary Moment
I believe that each of us has a story about the reason/s for joining Rotary. I have always been involved in service clubs.  
When we relocated to Edmonton, I was looking for a service club which offered fellowship, new acquaintances, good speakers, the opportunity to give back and the convenience of meeting in proximity to my downtown office. Dan Graham, the District Governor at the time, introduced me to Edmonton Rotary Club, where I found all that I was looking for.
In the role of Sergeant at Arms, I met some great members and developed longstanding friendships. Although my skill set did not embrace fundraising, I soon learned the importance thereof. I was humbled by the work our funds achieved via the Community Service Committee. A moment that I will never forget  was that of a young man who needed a voice synthesizer to attend U of A. Working with a social worker to get to the root of the problem, it was revealed that the young man had had a voice synthesizer through high school, but Alberta Health policy had not anticipated such longevity for a person with his disease. The policy had not been reviewed and had not kept up with advances in treatment. Edmonton Rotary provided funding for his synthesizer. But more significantly, by working with Dr. Gerry Predy,  the policy was updated.
Funding to make a difference is raised at events such as "Step Up to the Plate", the Million Dollar golf tournament, and the fall Round-up event.  Helping one person at a time is not a big banner issue but each person matters. The one instance which clearly demonstrated the reach of Rotary involved  For me, it was a clear example of Rotary making a difference. We need your full support whether it is purchasing a ticket, providing a raffle item, or bringing a sponsor online. The funds raised by the Casino are the icing but only become available every 18-20 months and have significant limitations.
I would invite you to pass your Rotary moment along to Marderé for inclusion in the Edmontarian. 
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