Posted by John Norton on Apr 23, 2018
Feature Member - John Norton

John was born in Owen Sound Ontario and grew up in North Bay, Ontario. In 1993 he started his career in the car rental business. A couple of years later he moved to Barrie and worked there for about 12 years. 

 He joined the Rotary Club of Barrie in 2000, as it was part of the culture of his organization to give back to the community. Many of the leaders in the business were past presidents, and they encouraged him to participate in Rotary.  Rotary proved to be a great avenue to give back to the community and build fellowship and friendship with members that remains strong today.

John, with his wife Mariana and two children Gabriella (15) and Oliver (13)  moved to Edmonton in 2011. Upon arriving in Alberta, John took a 'Rotary vacation' for 5 years as the demands of work-related travel did not allow for participation. As the business evolved, John sought out and joined the Edmonton Rotary Club in 2016.

John’s Rotary moment was encapsulated in the rich tradition and values of the organization. Weekly meetings at the Rotary Club of Barrie took place in a dining room overlooking Lake Simcoe, and for John that defining moment was being present at the change of the guard in the club. A new president was being inducted as with all Rotary Clubs around the work in the first week of July, where our entire leadership changes over. The formality and tradition around the event were awe-inspiring. The thought that stayed with him was that there was a complete change of leadership without unrest and discourse, that Rotary promoted inclusion of all people and peace. The impact of that moment implies that we are all trying to achieve well with all the noise in the background; it helps to remind you that peace and goodwill of mankind inspire in spite of all the negativity we are surrounded by each day.

A defining moment in life outside of RotaryGrowing up in a small town, being part of a competitive paddling club gave John a glimpse into the power of teamwork. As both a participant and a coach, John was inspired by what a group of kids could achieve with support, opportunities, and training.  The crowning achievement was winning the overall champions at the 1992 National Championships against much larger, well-funded clubs. 

John's Hobbies include: Outdoor Activities like Alpine Skiing; Hiking; Camping; Hunting; Fishing; Travelling; Food and Wine

John Wisdom: Be Driven from Within and live by the 4 Way Test in all that you do.

To the right is a photo of John, Mariana, and their children; Gabriella 15 and Oliver 13.

John is a 2nd-year member of the Board and Manages the Vocational Committee for the Club.