Posted by Dawn Fargey on Mar 25, 2018
Mystery Solved!!! Dawn Fargey recounts the most recent Mystery Dinner.

Mystery Solved !!!

What do you expect when you knock on an unknown door?  Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting the 2 leprechauns to greet me as they did.  Then more unbeknownst friends came into the hall of celebration. As good friends we started our journey into the wonderfully entertaining and tasty evening.  As better friends, we ended our delightful evening. 
Much laughter, delightful food for our bellies and greater appreciation and deeper connection of each guest and the hosts, Scott & Cheri Montgomery, was had by all.  In short, it was a great unveiling of the mysteries that lie behind all of us.
A second mystery dinner was held at Debra and Joel Morin’s. Another evening with great food, much laughter and a mandolin performance !!