Posted by Neil Lang on Apr 21, 2018
Neil's Other Job
Rather than doing a classification talk, I thought I would discuss my other job for which I am yet to be paid for but love.
Very few in Rotary know this, but I maintain the indoor Tower Gardens at three Boys and Girls Clubs in Edmonton.  Been a couple of years so far! I am a big-time gardener so I support three of the five clubs growing plants.  Our Rotary club has supported the McCauley B&G club over the years for which they have really benefitted. So what do I do?  Everything from planting seeds,  filling the 20-gallon reservoir, cleaning, harvesting vegetable plants, etc.  But that is the easy part.
What about the time that the kids went wild and kicked soccer balls into the garden twisting plants and lights around.  Or the time the renovators unplugged the water pump and timer for a couple weeks and all plants died. Twice. Or when some kids sprayed fake spider webs all over for Halloween.   Or when the leaders pulled all the lettuce thinking they were weeds.  Crazy.  So why do I keep going back?  Beats me... No, I do not plant beets.  《  grin》

Perhaps It is because of the thanks I get from leaders and especially the kids.  Imagine gardening with Canadian kids.  But most of the clubs can be from Somalia, Sudan,  Uruguay, etc.  Believe me, they are a riot.  High energy and a lot of fun.  I lost lots of seeds when kids opened packages too quickly and poof all over the place.  Oh well.  Seeds are cheap. 
I am seeking seeds of plants that come from these countries so we can connect with some to their past. I'd love some suggestions or even some help as to grow eggplant.  Just can't get the fruit to grow. Frustrating.
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Neil Lang