Our second annual Step Up To The Plate Luncheon is May 7th at the usual place and time, with Jesse Lipscombe (Make It Awkward) MCing plus a theatrical program by Viva Dance Academy. Click below for more details.
This is a fundraiser luncheon, at our usual meeting place and time. $50 a ticket or table of 8 for $400, parking included.

The Rotary Club of Edmonton is the oldest club in Northern Alberta and has approximately 100 members representing a wide variety of vocational activities and professions. The club business luncheons are held at noon every Monday at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel.

The Rotary Club of Edmonton focuses primarily on Downtown Edmonton initiatives that will help to improve the quality of life for some of the city's most vulnerable. Our club's motto is "Downtown with a Purpose". Proceeds from this event will support residents and programming in the downtown core, as well as youth leadership and educational programs, insuring that they are mentoring the next generation to take a leadership role in helping to create solutions for local, national and international wellbeing, peace and understanding.

The Step Up To The Plate Luncheon is a critical fundraising opportunity that will allow the Club to support and achieve their charitable goals. The concept for this luncheon originated with the "Poor Man's Lunch", initiated by Bruce Hogle, to benefit the Good Neighbour Fund.

For more information, pleas call Nicole at 780-756-0719 or nicole@sugarplumconsulting.com