Posted by Rene Cavanagh on Jul 30, 2018

Suresh Gurjar Receives Honorary Membership

The Rotary Club of Edmonton may, from time to time, extend an honorary membership to a member of the public or existing Rotarian, to honour them for their service to the community and/or the Rotary  Club of Edmonton.

Monday July 9th our club was proud to welcome Suresh Gurjar back into the fold with an Honorary Membership.   Suresh opened his home and his heart to Rotarians from all over the world.  He led hosting efforts for the visiting delegation of Turkish Rotarians and made two Rotary Friendship Exchange trips, once to England and once to Turkey.  He assisted in promoting one of our club’s international legacy projects by meeting with a district Governor in Mexico and 3 clubs near Guadalajara.

Suresh has been enjoying retirement and many extended travels in the past few years and had resigned from our club as he was concerned he wouldn’t be able to give his full attention to Rotary as he had in the years prior.   However, being the true Rotarian at heart that he is, he still provided support to the club whenever he was able, responding to emails and queries about membership classifications wherever he may have been in the world at the time! 

It is probably no surprise to learn that Suresh is a double Paul Harris Fellow.  He truly embodies the motto Service above Self in all his actions.   He is quick to help when asked and always sincere in his efforts.   We are so glad to welcome you back Suresh!  

In his own words.

" Frankly, I do not have a particular Rotary Moment that made an impact on me. Rather it was the collective power of Rotary that thrilled and motivated me to participate in th e Rotary efforts. I have personally benefitted tremendously from the Charitable Institutions in India that help financially needy students get basic University degree and high er education. I thought that Rotary would be a good vehicle to give something back to the community I grew up in and the community I chose to make my life in. “TheFour-Wayy Test” to help guide my behaviour, “Service Above Self” motto and the opportunity to develop fellowship with the like-minded people from all walks of life are the things that helped me confirm my choice of Rotary as a  vehicle for giving, and cement my commitment to Rotary.

So, the force behind my Rotary commitment was not a particular and dramatic “Ahha!” Rotary moment, but rather it has been the founding principles on which the Rotary strives to operate, and its collective power in serving globally without losing focus on serving locally."