Posted by Nicole Konkin on Jun 25, 2018

Why Netflix when you can YouYube the youth adventures!?

Recently, our District Exchange Students met up for one last group rendezvous and the memories are priceless. 
Thanks to Gabi from the St. Albert Club, you get the insiders view of what went down! Thank you to every member who relentlessly supports our youth. THIS is how we build peace an goodwill, internationally. 
If you were at the meeting this week, you would have also heard from Libbie Farrell, a vibrant, brave, incredibly smart, well driven and socially conscious young woman. She first came to interact when she wanted to be a part of a worldwide network in order to make a global impact. Libbie was just 16 years old.
Today, at 19 years old, Libbie is in her second year at the United Nations school in New Mexico where only a tiny fraction of students are accepted each year. She engages on a global scale to further her studies in peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and international understanding. Libbie will be off to Indian to continue her studies next and continue her efforts in international peace and understanding. Here's a look at what Libbie's life has been like for the past 2 years..
If you'd love to support the program Libbie is traveling to India with (although not a Rotary initiative), you can do so here: 
Join us on July 9th to initiate Caleb into the exchange world as we present him (for the first time at the club) with his official Canadian Rotary Exchange Blazer! Be there from the first second to see how this all begins. 
The Interacts will see everyone in September when their newly voted board will be introduced and officially pinned! 
Nicole Konkin