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Dear Rotarians
A very late April Edmontarian for your enjoyment. This time there is a lot new and club updates for you attention. 
Last week was thrown into a turmoil when my daughter phoned to say Ft.Mac is flooding and they coming to stay wil us for the week because there is no clean water to use.(It was slightly fortuitous, because I have missing them like crazy! Zoom and FaceTime doesn't hug as well as small arms around your neck.)
However happy the reunion was, the stress and concern created by the disaster, and having to leave home again because it's not safe definitely took a toll on everyone. The water subsided and they returned with a truckload of Costco goods to survive for at least a month. Four out of eight grocery stores were flooded.
Monday's Zoom call will feature speaker(s) from Fort McMurray Rotary Club and how they are dealing with the flood.
Meeting ID: 967 0122 8552
Password: 345806
For those that like to "chit chat" prior to the fall feel free to zoom in 10 or 15 minutes early!  Especially helpful for those new to Zoom.
See you Monday!!
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Stay connected!!

We are meeting on Zoom every Monday at 1pm.
Each meeting will be about 30 - 60 minutes in duration.
Speaker(s) will be announced prior to each meeting.   Feel free to invite a guest.

Meeting ID: 967 0122 8552
Password: 345806

Dial by your location    587-328-1099 - for Canada
Find your local phone number:
  • Through the global fight to #endpolio, @RotaryInternational and its partners have protected more than 2.5 billion children from polio. Because of their work and the efforts of tens of thousands of health workers, polio will one day soon be a distant memory #VaccinesWork
  • In countries where polio is a threat, children’s pinky fingers are marked with purple ink after they’re immunized. This helps health workers know which children are protected. #VaccinesWork #endpolio
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Some Covid19 Memes to lighten your day.

Bulletin Editor
Marderé Birkill
Note from the President
Hi Rotarians
I tried typing out this numerous times over the last few weeks but always something came up to make me change my mind.   I just needed some inspiration.   There it came to a donation request letter from Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (a speaker to our club a year ago).  The words follow with some slight changes to adapt to our Rotary club.
Life is precious.  Throughout the COVID-19 crisis.  I’ve been holding right to my children, family, and circle of friends [primarily through Zoom].
I’m grateful for the people who keep the shelves filled in our grocery stores, for the neighbours who chat with me from across the road, for those who care for our elderly, and the front line workers who assist those who are hit the hardest by this virus.
In the face of this though, I hold on to HOPE. It’s because of people like you [who value our community].
As you may know, I am a caregiver of my father, Robert Lang.  His health improves weekly since an injury in early January.   I’ve been getting him to connect to Rotary Zoom calls.  If he can do it, why not you?  Note you do not have to have a computer to connect to Zoom as one can use the phone to a particular phone number and entering the 9 or 10 digit meeting id.
Recently I sent an update of our club to all members.  We have our challenges but our community needs us more than ever.  Thus we can’t just shut it down for a few months.  Many deserve our support.  Our Rotary club board is closely reviewing all requests for support to see where we can be most effective.
Who knows as to when we will be able to meet together again.  I am hoping for the summertime.  That is my hope.  
In the meantime, keep your distance.   Be well.
President Neil
Lunch @ Home - we still need you.
As you can imagine with our current environment there is a difficulty in raising funds and an increase in demand for our funds and services in the community.  We are initiating a special program that I hope you can participate in.   Since we have been NOT holding our luncheons since March 23rd and perhaps not until July,   how about contributing $30 per weekly lunch you have at home to our club up to a total of $360.  Hence the name; Lunch @ Home.     All donations will be met with a Tax Receipt.
There are some causes we have commitments this spring that we are planning to undertake:
1. Smoking Cessation Equipment to the Boyle McCauley Health Centre $1800
2. Replacement of our office computer which "crashed" at the end of March $2500
3. Desire to donate to local agencies under stress in these Covid-19 times, such as Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Edmonton Food Bank, School hot lunch programs. (once they return if not food hampers)”
It would really be nice to hire Geeta our Office Administrator back again sometime this spring to catch up on Accounting and other office admin tasks and be ready once luncheons commence again.
How to contribute:
1. Submit a cheque for up to $360 and mail to the address given below.  Or leave a letter with the Hotel Doorman.     
2. Go to and scroll down near the bottom looking for the ATB Cares. (or go to
       Select "Rotary Club of Edmonton Community Service Trust"  
Tight for money?  That would be certainly understandable.  Send me a note to set up a reoccurring donation according to your wishes.
Finally, I hope you are doing well in the current situation and please stay at home.  We will catch up with you at our weekly Monday at 1 pm online Zoom meetings.
RI president Mark Maloney visits Alberta
Interesting presentation by the Rotary International President, Mark Maloney to the Rotary Club of Calgary on April 14th, 2020.  It contains some comments on how Rotary International is dealing with Covid-19.
See the 54-minute recording:
What is new with Rotary Club of Edmonton
Dear Rotarians, 

I wanted to provide all club members with an update of what is happening (or not) with our Rotary Club.  We are of course affected by the Covid 19 crisis and I would like to communicate the effect(s) on our club.   We shall keep going like a well-charged battery.
Office Staffing
Geeta and Jay are laid off for their employment at this time.  Depending on the current environment we hope to bring Geeta back in the office in a month or so.   In the meantime, phone calls to the office will NOT be answered.   E-mail sent to will be monitored by myself periodically.  Best to communicate by e-mail directly to a Board member or Committee chair if you have any questions.
Cancelation of Fund Raising Events
Unfortunately, the following events are canceled or delayed so that we do not have an opportunity to raise funds.
Million Dollar Golf – canceled until spring 2021
Casino – delayed 
Walk for Polio - delayed to fall or spring 2021
Youth Exchange
Our current inbound student, Iida, will be remaining in Edmonton until early July before she returns to Finland.   We will incur some costs while she remains.  She is happily living at John Yamamoto’s home.    District 5370 has decided NOT to continue Youth Exchange in the new year 2020-21 due to the Covid 19 crisis.  Thus no new student for the fall.
Edmontarian Newsletter
I recommend anyone who has a newsletter article to please send it to Marderé Birkill at    It is a good way to communicate club news and pictures.  Even brief articles of how you are dealing with staying home with an attached picture.
We are curious about new hobbies, your best baking efforts, new exercise regime, or even what you watching on Netflix!!
Online “club” meetings
We have had several successful online Zoom meetings so far.  Both were very informative and a terrific way to connect with other club members.   Feel free to join in even if just lurking on the side.   You may have seen on District 5370 newsletters there are online Zoom meetings that have proven to be very informative.  I hope we can continue these online sessions weekly.
New Members Welcome
While inviting guests to our club luncheons is not possible, we are certainly open to new members.  Our Membership Committee is open to recommendations for prospective members.   Once our luncheons commence, the plan is to officially invocate new members BUT they are welcome to join.  See the website as to how to propose a new member.   In the meantime, invite them to one of our online club meetings.
Program Spending
The Finance and Audit Committee reviewed all of our committee and administrative expenses to minimize our expenses. Our Board of Directors has reviewed the recommendations. While we have some funds the amount is limited and of course, it is hard to forecast what will be the needs in the future.  For the moment some of our regular expenses are deferred or delayed to the future year including:  
Hot Lunches – for Mother Theresa School and John A MacDougall School
Kids Up Front – funding for summer camps
Start2Finish (Reading and Running program at Delton School)
Boyle McCauley Health Centre – discretionary funds
Internationally,  the Belize Literacy (part 2) project
So we are doing our best to identify the critical items and those that can be held off.
Existing Revenues
While we are not broke, we have limited financial resources and would like to spend wisely.  We have reduced Administrative Expenses but some are “mandatory” at this time.
Future Revenue Sources
Membership Dues will be due by July 1st, 2020 which are necessary to fund our 2020-21 administrative expenses.
In the short term we are looking at:
Online silent auction
Donations from club members
Community Service
In the world of NO-contact and Distancing, there are a limited number of ways our club members can participate.  Recently some have been helping with delivering food hampers with Free Footie.  Send Rick Prentice  a note if you would like to help.  If you have any other suggestions, send me a note.
Budget for the next year 2020-21
President-Elect Brian Edwards is reviewing the future budget and is contacting the key committee chairs.  Naturally, we are in a dynamic environment.
Step Up to the Plate and another fundraising
It is impossible to say if we will be able to proceed with the Step Up to the Plate event this coming fall.  The worst-case scenario this event will be canceled for November, but we all can have hope to get together by the fall.  Similarly, it will be a challenge to host any fundraising except using some creativity in today’s environment.  Got some ideas? Please send Brian or me a note.

Neil Lang, President, Rotary Club of Edmonton