Note from the President
Happy New Year Everyone! 
And here's to a year of peace, prosperity, and personal growth.
Today was our Robbie Burns Day celebration and I could not have been more proud of the way that Rotarians came out to celebrate our fellow Rotarians! While the undertone was a fundraiser for our Inner City High School (, the overtone was a celebration of all things Scottish!  With thanks to F. Scott Montgomery and Neil Lang for bringing us together in the spirit of fellowship, I cannot express enough gratitude. Tapadh leat.
And in that spirit, wishing godspeed and safe travels to those who are supporting our initiatives in Belize.  We can expect our numbers to be down for the next few weeks as the International Services Committee heads to Belize to complete some crucial work for communities there in building playgrounds and building communities. Wishing them safe travels and all the best in community building.  
Looking forward to all the exciting updates,     
Melinda Noyes
President, RCoE
Millenium House Xmas Party Dec 18th 2022
Six hearty volunteers dropped in to host the Rotary Millenium House Christmas party.  The residents had a fantastic time.  The food was fabulous and donated by Sorrentino's.  Lots of good cheer, visiting, and catching up!
Annual Rotary Season's Celebration!
International Services Committee news  -  Uganda Project
One Step Learning is a Registered Canadian Charity with an emphasis on making early childhood learning affordable for impoverished children in rural Ghana.  On October 18, 2021, a play-based charitable daycare opened in Entumbil, Ghana for rural children that had no facilities.  The centre provided elements of nurturing care for children using learning through play activities.  The daycare started with 11 children, and now OSL serves 80 children daily.  The school operates from a building and land donated by a Canadian couple and Alberta residents, themselves immigrants from Ghana.
John Hagan, President of One Step Learning, submitted a detailed request for funding to our club's International Service Committee in the fall of 2022.  In its entirety the request was more than the ISC could handle.  However, the request was detailed and itemized with individual budget amounts and OSL was pleased with our Club’s offer of $2,500 to be applied to the purchase of water tanks.  The tanks will store potable water in sufficient quantity to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions for the staff and children.  As the picture shows the tanks have brought smiles to the faces of children and teachers.
In a recent report to the International Service Committee Mr. Hagan advises that he has established contact with the Rotary Club of Cape Coast Central (#9102). The Club’s Past President, Mr. Albert Assibu, visited the OSL site in December. Mr. Hagan advises he was hugely impressed with the humanity and literacy project being undertaken by OSL.  The Rotary Club of Cape Coast Central (about an hours drive from Entumbil) will now be the lead Rotary host of related OSL projects in Entumbil Ghana.  Mr. Hagan noted he has established additional contacts with The Rotary Club of Accra Achimota.  Accra is the capital of Ghana and about 104  Km from Entumbil.
For more information about One Step Learning visit their website at
Update on our support for Ukraine Anna continues her Service above Self
Update from Anna Jan 21st,
First of all, on behalf of the Ukrainian soldiers who got our latest December supplies, I would like to thank our Club for providing constant humanitarian help to people in Ukraine. Ukrainians are now facing freezing winter conditions, so the warm clothing and instant food and medical warm socks and first aid kits were just the things that they were really waiting for.  Łukasz, who is our messenger and driver, who bravely crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border almost 20 times now, drove his truck last December through Lviv, Kiev and Kharkov, then he got to the hot zone areas near by Kherson and Dnieper. He always keeps texting me from Ukraine and describes what he sees and experiences there. The hardest thing to see is fleeing and displaced people taking shelter in damaged buildings, having limited access to food, electricity and heat. Thanks to Łukasz we can provide direct, tailored support to meet the needs of Ukrainian soldiers and people there.
December supplies purchased and delivered with our club's financial support are in the first graphic below.
The next supply which I’m preparing now will include warm clothes, blankets and heaters, food, toiletries and of course medical supplies. We don’t know when the war will end, but we have to make sure that the Ukrainians never stay alone and in the end they will win. If they win, we will all win PEACE and stabilization  in the world. Thank you again and let’s keep providing our mission as long as people need our help.
Consider making a donation to continue our help for Anna to support those in Ukraine.  See the donation link on our website or go directly to: 
When donating online please click on: Share my name and comments and type in "Ukraine" or "Belize" or other cause you desire.
Cheques may be written out to Community Service Trust Fund.
Tax receipts will be provided.    
For any questions or if you would like to be involved with International Services, contact Rod Karius
Annual Scottish / Robert Burns event
Raffle open until Monday 1 pm!
Scotch and Wine Raffle closes Monday January 30th at 1pm MST.
1st prize Premium whisky = $365 Gordon and MacPhail Speyside 1995
2nd prize 2 great whiskies = valued at $200
3rd prize 2 MORE great whiskies = valued at $200
4th prize 2 red, 2 white exquisite wines =  valued at $100
Must be an Alberta resident and over 18 to purchase tickets.
In support of the lunch program at Inner City High School and Inner City Youth Development Association and The Rotary Club of Edmonton
Huge thank you for the 35 people who attended this event.  Terrific to have a Scottish Bag Piper kick off our luncheon setting our taste buds for the haggis.  Enjoyed the speaker talking about the context of Robbie Burns life in Scotland.
Rotary Youth / Next Generation programs are back, and "in-person" for Spring & Summer 2023 !!!
We are looking for candidates - Children, Grand children of members (Current active and Inactive) and friends.
The target cohort is students entering, in or just graduating from high school. (Program specific)
At our Rotary Club of Edmonton "club assembly" January 9th I reviewed the various Rotary Youth programs.
We discussed "RYLE - Rotary Youth Leadership Experience" of "Leadership and Personal Development".
We discussed the experiential learning programs of "Adventures in Citizenship" and "Adventures in Human Rights". 
These are truly first class, and potentially life-changing Rotarian led programs for youth, as they develop into themselves, into leadership roles and grow into responsible citizens of Canada, based on Rotary values.
Our Rotary club is well financed to pay the entire costs. 
Please contact myself for additional information for any of the above three Rotary Youth Programs especially if you have a student in mind.
RYLE Registration is now open, to roughly the end April. (program specific)
Brian Edwards
Youth Committee
RYLE promotion:
Jan 30, 2023 12:00 PM
University of Alberta - Leading with Purpose
Feb 06, 2023 12:00 PM
Rebuilding Ukraine after the war
Feb 13, 2023 12:00 PM
40th anniversary of Fifendekel
Feb 20, 2023
Family Day
Feb 27, 2023 12:00 PM
Cataract Surgery Project in Ecuador
Mar 06, 2023 12:00 PM
Mar 13, 2023 12:00 PM
Mar 20, 2023 12:00 PM
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