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September is always a strange time for me. Throughout my childhood the 1st of September was spring day (a southern hemisphere thing). To make the mental switch was quite something. However, the ebb and flow of seasons in Canada are very clear. And almost follow the calendar indication of which season it is to the day.
The change of seasons is a bit like chapters that end and roll into a new chapter without hesitation. Many chapters have rolled over into new ones this month, and for our club it is holding Robert Lang fondly in our memories. He truly lived the 4 way test is a true testimony to Rotary. 
However, I will really miss his conversation at lunches and will forever wish to hear him sing Oh Canada just once more.
Lots of  thoughts and prayers to the Lang family.
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Oct 12, 2020
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Power Play - Professional Hockey & the Politics of Urban Development
Oct 26, 2020 12:00 PM
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Marderé Birkill
Note from the President
“Time and tide wait for no man” is a quote from Geoffrey Chaucer in 1395, meaning one must not procrastinate or delay. Human events or concerns cannot stop the passage of time or the movement of tides.
“Time waits for no one” -  and it won’t wait for me” is an update; a song by The Rolling Stones in 1974.
We have spent the last few months planning, thinking, or perhaps only hoping that we will go back to normal.
However what is normal now? We must adapt, continue, double, and redouble our efforts to improve our community.
Those with voice and conscience to lead and make a difference are needed.
Those who were struggling; at-risk or vulnerable are now even more in need.
The Rotary Club of Edmonton continues to evolve and change, as we keep with the times.
Newer members are leading our communication and connection with our members, and the world at large.
Along with this publication, we are starting to be active on the various social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, club website.
An upcoming piece will help you get connected if you are not already so.
Within our Rotary club, our year progresses. Our Zoom meetings are getting better as we now show videos and share other articles.
We are learning how to be active, ensure we have an impact yet keep our members safe in these most unusual times.
We will be volunteering at a casino event on November 12, 13 which is both fun and a very good fundraiser for the club.
We are planning a November Step Up to the Plate event. I’m sure it will be great if a bit different from past events.
An Edmonton charity, social service agency will soon be named as title recipient for this event.
We have signed on to the Rotary Youth Exchange program for the 2021-22 school year, and all are hoping that we can safely host, and send an Edmonton student abroad.
It is a special program.
We hosted a virtual booth at the District Conference to highlight The Integrity Awards, which we are organizing this year for the Edmonton area Rotary clubs.
It is both humbling and inspiring to read about the great work of the ten community people who were recognized this year.
How will the year further unfold? This year’s theme of “Rotary Opens Opportunities” is very apt.
Each challenge provides opportunities.  One must look, think differently to achieve the same results.
Rotary is needed ever the more in our community.
In Rotary Service
Brian Edwards
Celebrating the life of Robert Lang
 The long-time Rotary Club of Edmonton active member Robert Lang passed away on September 26. Robert joined in December 1960. The Rotary Club will be making a donation on Robert's behalf to the Edmonton Rotary Club Foundation.
The Lang family in these covid times will be holding a private family memorial. 
They have asked that in lieu of flowers, or other should you wish to commemorate Robert's life, please make a donation in Robert's name to the Rotary Club of Edmonton - Community Service Trust Fund. (Charitable donation tax receipt will be provided)
Robert believed strongly in the Edmonton community. He was active in all elements of Rotary; within our club, the District and the greater Rotary International. (Four times Paul Harris Fellow). His family wishes to note Robert's particular support for the Rotary Youth Exchange program, which is funded from the Community Service Trust Fund. Robert greatly enjoyed interacting with the inbound students, learning of their home country and regaling them with stories about Canada, Alberta and Edmonton. "Rotary Connects the World" was RI slogan for 2019-20 Rotary year. As recently as three years ago Robert would drive a van of students to Jasper for skiing and to experience the mountains.
There are two ways to make a donation:
- a cheque made out to The Rotary Club of Edmonton (please indicate Robert Lang), mail to
  The Rotary Club of Edmonton
   c/o The Chateau Lacombe Hotel
   10111 Bellamy Hill Road
   Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1N7
- via a credit card:
   Click this link: to Rotary club webpage, then scroll down the right hand side to ATB Cares portal, and follow the instructions.
Warm regards, from the Lang family.
(Neil, Ken, Shauna and the further generations)
Ramblings of a Rambling Rotarian
Thirty years.  That’s a long time to do anything, especially in these days of rapid change, mobile workforces, and overcommitted calendars.  And yet somehow, quietly and steadily, I have survived nearly thirty years as a Rotarian.  Of course, I must have been a mere babe in arms when I joined because I don’t feel much older than that most days, but the calendar doesn’t lie. 
I have been blessed to be a member of five different clubs so far: Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Prince George Yellowhead, Sudbury, and now Edmonton.  Along the way, I have grown as an individual, found an outlet for some skills and passions, and learned a lot of lessons.  No matter which club I found myself in, however, there are some constants from my nearly three decades of Rotary experience.  However, being a preacher by training and prone to the pitfall of alliteration, here are my “constants” in my Rotary experience: connections, community, codes, commitment, and camaraderie.