Note from the President
Hello Rotarians and Happy Spring!
The warmer weather is always welcome and as we start shedding our winter parkas we begin to rebuild connections with some of the folks we don't see much during the winter.  For me it's some of my neighbours, just chatting over the fence, and some family who are far enough away that icy roads prevent frequent visits.  
March has been a great month for Rotary, with our usual stellar roster of speakers making our lunchtime meetings enjoyable.  Our committees continue to do amazing things and we welcomed home our Belizean travellers, met our Youth Exchanges student, Caleb, and continued with our third Thursday pub night for new members.  I continue to be amazed at the work that our club members manage to do amidst their busy lives of work, family, and community.
Our first meeting in April will be held at the Alberta Aviation Museum, with a boxed lunch from Fifendekel (another great speaker from February!).  Getting out into our downtown neighborhood has been a goal of mine this year and this is one great place we can visit on a Monday.  Stay tuned for at least one more "field trip" this year as we get a chance to tour backstage at the Citadel Theatre in June.
Hoping to see you all soon at meetings!
Melinda Noyes, President
It is time once again to start preparing for our annual Million Dollar Hole-in-One Golf tournament, once again benefiting Lurana Shelter. Start(?)…..who am I kidding, the committee
has been hard at work for a couple of months … is the time to tell everyone what is happening!

The event will be August 14, once again at the Highlands Golf Club and of course the weather will be perfect! We are receiving support again this year from the Rotary Club of Northeast
Edmonton, recruiting both sponsors and player. To date we have managed to secure most of our Major sponsors for the event with Volvo of Edmonton returning as the Presenting Sponsor.

The Player invitation with all of the event info is now posted on our website and the Eventbrite registration page is up and running for those who wish to enter a team, with a friend or just as a
single. Go to There has been a modest increase in price this year, strictly to account for rising costs of the event and of course there will be a $50 tax
receipt issued to every paying player. 

If you are wondering how you can help…..I’m glad you asked. We are still seeking sponsors. It is sponsor participation that drives the revenue of the event. What we have remaining is Hole
Sponsors for $2,500 and new this year, Half-Hole Sponsors for $1,500. We introduced this new level in the hope that it will have more appeal for those who wish to support the cause and have
their company name associated with the Rotary Club of Edmonton, at a more modest price. If you have an idea about a company you could approach about sponsorship, send me an email and I’ll send you all the supporting materials. Think about groups you do business with, law firms, financial advisors, suppliers, etc. 
The other way you can help is to solicit gifts what will work well in our on-line auction that runs along side the event. We are thinking of restaurant vouchers, golf passes, art, jewelry, hotel
stays, anything that would attract bidding. This auction provides a substantial boost to the overall revenue of the event. Many of you helped in this area in past years….please circle back to those
who have helped in the past with a hearty thank-you and a request for this year as well. I know that our efforts are making a difference to the women and children who seek the support of the
Lurana Shelter. 
Stay tuned for more updates…..and requests.
Don McFarlane
Update on our support for Ukraine Anna continues her Service above Self
Update from Anna March 23rd....
Dear All,
I have just completed the new shipment to Ukraine. 
It’s always a lot of driving and visiting a big warehouse outside Warsaw where I can get stuff cheaply & good quality plus other shopping centres for instant food and toiletries, then sorting out and packing and preparing the parcels, labelling them with our logo etc.
Most of the times it’s a challenging job but always making me feel happy that we can still provide help for Ukraine when most of the people around seem to be forgetting about the war.
Whenever I do the shopping for Ukrainians, the shop assistants ask me why we still keep helping Ukraine. I always have very interesting chats with them and tell them about Rotary. Last time a shop owner asked me if we are a religious organization! I had to explain and tell them what we do and how we provide help all over the world etc. Working for our project is a great occasion to spread more information about Rotary here in Poland and I must admit, people seem to be very interested and always greet me with a big smile and even offer a cup of coffee in a shop. I think this is great! And I love good coffee! 
Thank you so much for your constant financial support for our Ukrainian project! This means a lot to the people who have to live in the country occupied by nasty Russians and it means a lot to me! I always ask guys who are not very open to cultural and language diversity if they would swap with one Ukrainian family and went there right now to live! Then, they stop complaining about Ukrainians coming over and taking working posts in Poland. We are so lucky to have a safe place to live and enough food and access to education and so called ‘normal life’. And this is our obligation to remember that the war is still there. So close. So real. So horrid.
I think our club is showing a perfect example of persistence in providing help. This is not easy but I hope many people might follow our example. So thank you, thank you, thank you for remembering about Ukraine all the time and providing finances that let me buy stuff the people there need right now.
So, getting back to yesterday, Łukasz picked the goods from my place yesterday morning and off he went straight to the border.
I bought the goods that are in demand in Ukraine at the moment amongst the victims of the war and soldiers in the front line.
Łukasz will be driving there again in May. Who knows? Maybe this time I’ll go with him.
As always, all our goods that we had bought will be delivered straight to the Ukrainians who really need them.  As decided earlier, I also donated Łukasz for his fuel costs. 
On Sunday we are off to Spain with my husband to meet up with my daughter, her husband and our granddaughter. We will be back in Poland on 7th April. I hope I’ll be able to connect on Monday via zoom from Spain. 
I’m so proud to be a member of our Club! I have given Łukasz our emblem and he has hung it in his truck on the mirror so it proudly travels now through the roads of Ukraine. 
Thank you for having me among this wonderful family of RC Edmonton!
Below, you’ll see all purchases I have made:
  1. 40 fleece sweatshirts & 40 camoflage T-shirts
  2. 120 pairs of boxer shorts & 120 under shirts
  3. Cosmetics (shower gels, shampoo, wet wipes, baby care cosmetics & instant food
  4. Wet wipes, shower gels and shampoo, candle heaters, instant food
  5. 104 pairs of medical cotton men's socks
Consider making a donation to continue our help for Anna to support those in Ukraine.  See the donation link on our website or go directly to: 
When donating online please click on: Share my name and comments and type in "Ukraine" or "Belize" or other cause you desire.
Cheques may be written out to Community Service Trust Fund.
Tax receipts will be provided.    
For any questions or if you would like to be involved with International Services, contact Rod Karius
New members welcome!
Caleb Menard is our Outbound Exchange student off to Japan for 10 months commencing the end of August 2023.  Caleb is a student from Harry Ainley High School.
Our Inbound Student is yet to be determined and we should know by May 2023.  We will be needing house parents or billeting for 3 to 4 month periods from end of August to early July 2024.  Contact Neil Lang if interested or if you have any questions as to how Youth Exchange works.
Brian Edwards introduced Caleb to our club at our March 6th meeting and announced which country he is headed to.  Apparently Japan was Caleb's first choice and he has been learning Japanese for two years at school.  Brian will provide us updates as to how our Exchange Student is doing Sept to June 2024.
Recently on March 20th, our club honored John Paterson with "another" Paul Harris Fellow.  John remains as a club member but unfortunately is unable to attend meetings.   
For those that do not know John, he was President of our Club in 1988/89 and held the position of District Governor when District 5370 was formed in 1999/2000. Both Barbara and John have received Paul Harris Fellowships in the past from the Edmonton Club..  He was well known for humourous speeches to the club.
Mr. Paterson is currently listed as Professor Emeritus for Department of Educational Psychology at the UofA.  As such he has 14 publications and 187 citations.   It seems he is popular!
John provided some more details a few years ago... see:
Our next casino is July 22 and 23, Saturday and Sunday, Starlight Casino West Edmonton Mall
Please keep your schedule open to volunteer.  Contact Mathias Deuel to volunteer.  An AGLC report is due two months in advance including the key volunteers.
Shifts for key roles (General Manager, Banker, Cashier, and Chip Runner) are: 10:00AM – 7:00PM or 6:30PM - 3:30AM. 5 volunteers are needed for the day shift, and 6 volunteers for the evening shift, each day.
Count Room shift is 11:00PM - 3:30AM. Six volunteers are needed each shift, each day.
No previous experience volunteering at a casino? No problem! We will have two casino advisors there to train and guide volunteers during every shift. This is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the club and work alongside fellow Rotarians.
Mar 27, 2023 12:00 PM
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