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Well, November certainly crept up to us very suddenly. One kinda wants to hold hold your breath for what the 2020 finale will bring. In Edmonton at least we have an extended fall, which is quite pleasant.
I just reserved my seats for the Step up to the Plate event on the 16th. Have you? It is always one of those event that never fail to bring fun, joy, and good food to the guests while building capacity for our club to spread some more goodwill to Downtown Edmonton.
Urgent vacancy for a co-editor for this Newsletter - someone with imagination and a good sense of humour. Please email me.
And my last thought today is - this year was one of the world's most epic "horrible years", however,. there were worse times.
Going into November...
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Dec 21, 2020 12:00 PM
Christmas lunch
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Note from the President
President’s column – November 30th, Edmontarian

November, our key FUNDRAISING month in the Rotary calendar is now past.
What a month it was!!!!  In my last column, I started with Rotarians are “People of action”.  In the household where I grew up the saying was:

All the kind words and all the good wishes,
Don’t count for as much as help with the dishes.

And what help you provided!!!  A flawless 2-day Casino event, with many new faces.
We find out around February 1st what will be our funds raised.  We plan for little and hope for much. This is the foundation of our finances. A flawless “Step Up to the Plate”, our 5th such event in the past 4 years.  Each one is a bit different. This year a hybrid event of in-person and online. With focus on “Homelessness” and how we can help. A “Hand-out” and a “Hand-up”. I cannot think of a program more aligned with
Rotary values. We are still counting I am very confident that we will be $12,500+ to support our Rotary avenues of service. Our club finances are in very good shape. As reviewed at the AGM, following a number of years of strong fundraising and a  significant bequest, we have the resources to be ever the more impactful in our community. As we move to the end of 2020, and the half-way of my Rotary year we now proceed into the core of the year. It looks like we will be virtual / online for the next six months, to the end of my year. While vaccines cannot come soon enough, there is still much to be done, conditions to be met until we are able to safely meet in person. Our program committee is actively booking interesting and insightful speakers. Our committees are functioning to provide service to our community.  Our board is seeking to understand how we should build our relationship with the indigenous people community. How will the year further unfold?
This year’s theme of “Rotary Opens Opportunities” is very apt.
What does “Service Above Self” mean to you?

As we come into the Christmas season, we have much for which to be thankful. Please take care of yourself, and of the others around you. A phone call, or kind word of support goes a long was to show that we care. Rotary is needed ever the more in our community.
Scotch and Wine!
In preparation for the Scottish "Robbie Burns" virtual meeting on January 25th, we need to collect some Scotch and Wine and other unopened liquor bottles that can be raffled off.  Depending on the donations, we hope to offer three baskets as auction items:
1. Scotch bottles
2. variety of Scotch and Wine
3. Wine bottles
I could really use a donation of a few baskets and Scottish materials like plaid cloth to line the baskets and other trinkets from the Twa Lands.
Please contact me to arrange pickup, ideally before January 8th so we can prepare the necessary AGLC Raffle application.  If you include a store receipt you will receive a tax receipt for the donation.
Thanks in advance for your help.  Details of the online raffle auction will be released in January.
The Food Bank needs you more than ever!
As President Brian has announced, our club would like to collect donations for the Food Bank during the week of our December 21st Holiday celebration meeting.   Perhaps invite someone to join us online to enjoy the festive event and make a contribution to the entertainment.  Santa would be very pleased. There are several ways to donate:
1. Contribute anytime online thru ATB Cares (search for "Rotary Club of Edmonton Community Service Trust")
2. Mail a cheque to the Rotary Club of Edmonton office payable Community Services Trust Fund.  Tax Receipt will be provided.
3. Make a non-perishable food donation anywhere they are accepted.  
4. Consider non-food items such as the empty egg cartons in the photo or any toiletries.
5. Make a perishable food donation. Deliver to one of the Food Bank warehouse locations.
If making a non financial donation send me a note as to approximately the number of pounds the items weighed. It will make a ton of difference. We will report in the next newsletter as to the contributions.  ATB Cares online link is on our website or go to:  
Yours in serving our community
Neil Lang
Rotary Club of Edmonton Community Service Trust Fund
"The functions of of The Rotary Club of Edmonton are not exclusively charitable so it does not qualify as a charity by CRA with the result it cannot issue charitable receipts. The
Trust was created by a Trust Agreement on November 8th, 1968 to be an exclusively charitable organization, is registered as such with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and can issue charitable receipts for contributions.”
Survey says....
I would like to collect information from our club members as to what you would like to see more of or less of in the Edmontarian newsletter.   Your feedback would be appreciated.   Help us to make the newsletter even better!
Please take five minutes to complete this online survey.   Survey closes January 25th.
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