Note from the President
Hello Rotarians!
We've had a very, very busy month this February and aside from all the things the club is working on we've had to expend extra energy to keep warm.  Warmer days are coming this weekend though, so hang in there.
I had the pleasure of delivering our "BIg Cheque" donation to Edmonton's Food Bank this month and they were delighted that we were able to raise $1500 at our Christmas Luncheon.  Great work everyone as we passed the hat and helped out families in need.
And a new initiative that we're working on is a connection with the Bissell Centre, who we haven't had the pleasure of working with recently.  Bissell fills a huge gap in services in the downtown core for families and individuals to overcome poverty.  This weekend, we are walking with Bissell and 531 caring supporters to raise funds for their work and to raise awareness of issues facing people in need.  The Coldest Night of the Year walk is an annual event that I hope we can continue to support.  We've already raised almost $1000 this year.
And don't forget the work of our other committees!  Four great Rotarians have returned from  another  playground  build in Belize.  And our youth services committee is poised to announce the destination of our 2023 outbound student at our next meeting.
See you all soon and in the meantime, stay toasty!  
Melinda Noyes, President
Update on our support for Ukraine Anna continues her Service above Self
We hope you were able to join in our "Rebuilding Ukraine after the war" meeting on Feb 6th.
Update from Anna Feb 14th:
Dear All,
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finished collecting all the supplies for our next Ukrainian shipment. Łukasz is coming tomorrow at 8 a.m. to my house to pick lots of boxes up and then he’s driving straight to Kiev, then Kharkiv and then to Donbas (front hot line).
It’s been quite busy time but I managed to buy almost everything that Łukasz asked for in the name of Ukrainians.
With the funds you sent me I’ve bought: thermal underwear, medical socks for soldiers, a big supply of medications mainly for kids but also for adults, survival thermal bags, Instant food like soups and other ready-to-make dishes, energizing bars, shower gels for kids and adults, shampoo for kids and adults, liquid hand soap,  baby diapers, baby wet wipes, baby creams, functional fruit cocktails for children, thermal foot heaters. I also bought 50 sets of coloured pencils for children and donated privately 50 books with colouring pages to bring a little smile on children’s faces.   I’ve collected all invoices and receipts and will paste them in the new Excel file and send it to you very soon. By this moment, Sławek (my husband) and I have finished packing everything and labelling the boxes. The hall in our apartment is loaded with boxes almost to the ceiling.  Sławek has been a great help to me with shopping and carrying and unloading the car and getting every item ready to get packed properly. A set of photos attached to this email will show you the scenes. 
In the meantime, thanks to Łukasz,  I met online on Zoom,Valeria, a lovely Ukrainian woman who does  great jobs providing constant help to the most affected victims of war who lost their houses in the area of Kharkiv.
I’m really impressed with what she does to locals and I started following her on Facebook and you can have a look too:
She speaks very good English and I’d love to organize a zoom meeting with her whenever you can get together and meet up with us. I’d like her to tell you about her work and there is one big issue that we might provide help with. But first of all I’d like to meet up with you on Zoom and talk about it. Just let me know when we can catch up. Part of our present supplies will arrive at hers and will be distributed amongst locals.
Thanks for all your help. With our club’s support we can reach so many people in need.
As we look towards the one-year-anniversary, I think Russia is preparing a new major assault. Every day people get killed and Ukraine suffers casualties, but at the same time they’re getting better prepared. Their capability has improved, and thanks heavens, there is a much better relationship with the West and NATO. There will probably be a new assault, but I believe in Ukrainians. Their army is the smartest! The truth is they are defending all of us. They’re defending democracy, the civilized world and humans’ dignity.
Once again, thank you RC Edmonton! By the way, I think we are the best club in the world, aren’t we?
Loads of Love,
Consider making a donation to continue our help for Anna to support those in Ukraine.  See the donation link on our website or go directly to: 
When donating online please click on: Share my name and comments and type in "Ukraine" or "Belize" or other cause you desire.
Cheques may be written out to Community Service Trust Fund.
Tax receipts will be provided.    
For any questions or if you would like to be involved with International Services, contact Rod Karius
Belizian youth enjoying our latest playground built Feb 2023
New Membership announcement!
The Board of Directors have decided to offer reduced dues for family members of regular members in good standing.  Our club has a long tradition of parent and children and spouses joining and we hope this initiative will encourage that and help increase our membership overall.  The definition of family certainly includes parents, spouses and children but is intentionally left open to allow flexibility given the wide range of family relationships we see today.  If you have any questions, contact President Melinda Noyes or Membership Chair Jim Saunderson.
Our next casino is July 22 and 23, Saturday and Sunday at Starlight Casino West Edmonton Mall.  Please keep your schedule open to volunteer.  Contact Mathias Deuel to volunteer.
Annual Scottish / Robert Burns event
Raffle winners
Winners of our recent Scotch and Wine Raffle:
1st prize Premium whisky = $365 Gordon and MacPhail Speyside 1995
2nd prize 2 great whiskies = valued at $200
3rd prize 2 MORE great whiskies = valued at $200
4th prize 2 red, 2 white exquisite wines =  valued at $100
Thanks to all those that paarticipated to this raffle.
In support of the lunch program at Inner City High School and Inner City Youth Development Association and The Rotary Club of Edmonton.   COO of the school, Joe Cloutier reviewed the organization and the wonderful work they do for the indigenous community.
Anna with our club flag at a Warsaw Club meeting
Feb 27, 2023 12:00 PM
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International Services Committee Projects
Apr 03, 2023 12:00 PM
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Easter Monday
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Edmonton Riverhawks Baseball team
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Door open to new members!
What do you get when you cross a Program Director, a Volunteer Manager and a Janitor? Answer: A situation that is not too uncommon in most nonprofit organizations.
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