Club Financial Update
In case you missed it at the March 7th meeting, here are the budget highlights.   Contact Treasurer Martin Connelly at if you have any questions.
Note from the President
Recent events have reminded us more than ever of the international scope of Rotary.  With 1.4 million members in 46,000 clubs around the world, Rotary International is a powerful force for peace.  The world’s first International Peace Park, the Waterton-Glacier Peace Park, was a Rotary initiative that started right here in Alberta.  So, it is not a surprise that our Rotary Club, and others around the world, acted quickly in response to the humanitarian crises caused by Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.  Working through Anna Wieczorek, a member of our club who lives in Warsaw, our International Services Committee immediately provided $5,000 for needed medical supplies from their existing budget.  We have issued an appeal for more donations to give Anna resources to continue working directly with Ukrainian refugees in Poland.  Our club’s Foundation has answered that call with an additional $5,000 contribution.  Individual members are also making contributions and the ISC will work with Anna to identify the greatest needs. (click on the following link if you would like to make a donation to the Rotary Club of Edmonton - Community Service Trust via ATB Cares. )  We will keep members posted on the use of these funds at our Monday meetings.
Our speakers continue to be on topic too!  For example, on March 21 we heard from Canada’s Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security, Jacqueline O’Neill (who hails from St. Albert) who spoke very bluntly about importance of women in the peace process and about the international situation today, including the differential treatment refugees of colour are receiving in some cases.  The well respected Hill Times of Ottawa has named O’Neill as one of the 50 most influential people in the capital.  There is no better way to engage directly with a wide variety of experts and decision makers (as well as connecting with fellow Rotarians) than attending our regular Monday meetings either in-person or virtually.
Jim Saunderson

Another special example of community service by a club member in Poland

Update on our club member Anna Wieczorek

Anna resides in Warsaw, Poland and has been actively involved in supporting refugees from Ukraine.  
Anna, an book author for learning English, designed the above graphic including our club logo.   Look for it in the pictures.
Have a look at the top of our website to see much more information and information about Anna.  Check out the pictures and notes Anna made for us after our club provided $5000 CDN funding for medical supplies, baby food, diapers and blankets and other resources for refugees.  A medical outlet provided a huge discount with help from a friend in the company.
Donations are welcome.   If you would like to contribute to help our club support Ukrainian Refugees log into ATB Cares    Donations go to our Community Service Trust Fund.  Tax receipt provided by ATB Cares.   Please include a comment like "Support for Ukraine" by clicking on Share my name and comments  before entering your donation details.
Anna seems to be going the extra distance to help refugees. For example she is helping a 67-year-old Ukrainian lady who came to her house.  The senior needed urgent surgery on her broken clavicle. Anna has already settled medical help for her.  Her daughter-in-law, who is a medical doctor, came over within 2-3 days with 2 kids. Anna managed to get her a job at a hospital and they’ll also get a nice place to live.
As reported in the news, there are many International Students stranded in the Ukraine.  Anna managed to contact Dr. Kambiz Ghawami, World University Service,  through Rotary Friends from Berlin to help two Nigerian boys!  (pictured on our website)
Dr. Ghawami is opening his university doors to more Ukrainian refugee students to come to Germany!
So many things going on and she has to react quickly.  This says it all: "My phone is hot – people calling all the time"
Please consider making a donation to help Anna.
<most of the text above came from numerous Email to our club>
Note from Anna dated March 14th:
Dear All,
Last night, around midnight,  I drove to pick up my husband from his work place in the centre of Warsaw. Just then, two refugee women with three kids aged: 3,9, 14 arrived at his coffee place, completely lost and in panic. They were sent straight from the train station to that spot but in fact no shelter was provided and they didn’t know where to go.
It was also difficult to communicate with them as they  could not speak English.
We located them in the nearby  hotel as at our apartment there are no more free beds, and this morning I started looking for a safe place for them.
I happen to talk to my friend Mietek from Rotary Club of Warszawa City (my former club) and he offered a house that a group of Rotarians are funding at the moment. I booked a room for 5 and asked Mietek to briefly describe the initiative. The house will provide 35 refugee women with children free accommodation, including food and day kids care.
The situation from the last night proves that we desperately need more places like this one so I think this is something that we should support.
The house starts operating on Thursday the earliest. Besides providing food, free rooms and daily kids care it also offers jobs for the women in the nearby company.
The women I met last night are more than happy now. I only need to find them a place to stay till Thursday and then I’ll drive them to that house that Mietek offered.
I know Mietek very well, we’ve been together in the club for years so I myself support this initiative enormously.
Please, read the letter and we can meet up together with Mietek online this week to discuss the details.
Thank you,
Yours, Anna
Anna is pictured in the middle below with a family where one lady obtained collarbone surgery with Anna's help,
More pictures from Anna
Anna and a refugee hoping to get to B.C.  They are seeking help from Canada to gain refugee status.
See our website for Anna's March 16th update.  Situation not getting easier.
List of items purchased
Picking up supplies
Loading up for Ukraine
Short note from Anna March 20th
Anna met with Viktor from YMCA Ukraine in Warsaw to discuss teaching refugees English and Polish in Poland.
Also her reflection on helping refugees.
Incentive to contribute to Rotary Foundation
As announced at the March 7th meeting, the club will match member's donations to The Rotary Foundation.   This is only open to those who are not already Paul Harris Fellow (PHF).
For example contribute $500 USD to The Rotary Foundation and the club will cover the remainder in order for you to obtain a Paul Harris Fellow.    Donations can be One Time only or periodically.  Lots of flexibility as to what to donate to such as the Annual Fund, or End Polio Fund etc.  
Note if not done so already you will need to register yourself at MyRotary.
Integrity Award Gala Registrations open
Save the date for May 17th in the evening for our Integrity Awards Gala.
Our club hosts the Integrity Awards for Rotary clubs in the Greater Edmonton Region.  
Want to be in on hearing from this year's Recipients?   Please register online here today
If you would like to join the committee in hosting this fabulous event, please contact co-chair Nadean Langlois or myself.
Neil Lang
The Rotaract Club of Edmonton is happy to be associated with the Rotary Club of Edmonton.  As stated in the February newsletter we would love to obtain leads for potential members (usually in their twenties or thirties).
 Check out our website at:
President, Adrianna Anderson
Rotaract Club of Edmonton
Editor's message....
Check out the following article on my latest ski trip.  Check out other Rotary Fellowships.
I recommend investigating for any special interests you may have.
Feb 26 to March 6 I joined 40 other members of the International Skier Fellowship of Rotarians for 8 days of skiing at Banff.  Next year skiing at Utah.
Skis on
Ready for skiing
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Downtown Business Association Promotion
Puneeta McBride, head of the Downtown Business Association spoke to the Club earlier this year.  As the "Downtown" Rotary Club we know it is important to have a vibrant downtown  core.  Take advantage of Downtown Dining Week to treat yourself or a loved one and help build our relationship with the DBA and bring life back to the heart of our city!
Sleeping in Heavenly Peace (SHP) 
Join the building project for our Rotary Club to help build beds for kids is scheduled for June 4th 2022.  No experience required.
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Belize 2022
Markus Muhs provided some Belize photos, including the current playground equipment recently sent and our distribution of wedding dresses and other stuff: 
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