The Edmonton Rotary Club Foundation ("Club's Foundation") was established in 1984 by a gift from the Club's former secretary, Mrs. Richards. The Foundation is established as a Society with Bylaws and an independent Board of Directors. Since the creation of the Foundation, it has become a permanent endowment held at The Edmonton Community Foundation, with invested assets valued at over $1,000,000.
The income generated by this capital is used primarily for local projects with a focus on educational, cultural, humanitarian, and health needs, which meet Rotary guiding principles and areas of focus. The Foundation provides annual bursaries at University of Alberta, NAIT, Concordia, Norquest and Grant MacEwan University.
Donors receive a charitable donation receipt, and their gifts may consist of cash, publicly traded securities, bequests, insurance policies and other capital instruments that meet Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.
The Dickson Memorial Paul Harris Fellowship Linked with the Rotary Club Integrity Award
Upon his passing in 2002, Rotary Club of Edmonton member, Arch Dickson, bequeathed $200,000 to the Club's Foundation. The "Dickson Memorial Paul Harris Fellowship" was established by the Club's Foundation as a memorial to Arch Dickson and to his father, Sam Dickson, a founding member of the Club. 
The criteria for the Dickson Fellowship and the Club Integrity Award both focus on a non-Rotarian Edmontonian who is a long-standing builder of the community, who contributed significantly to the betterment of Edmonton, and whose life reflects the principles of Rotary.
The Fellowship and Integrity Award are both presented to the recipient during annual Rotary Clubs' Integrity Awards Dinner and the recipient is invited to make a presentation at a regular weekly meeting of the Club. The Club's Foundation donates $1,000 to a local charity of the recipient's choice, and a Paul Harris Fellowship is awarded to the recipient.
 Our Foundation and The Rotary Foundation
Both foundations include the name of Rotary, act in a charitable capacity and support various charitable causes. The Club's Foundation supports primarily local causes whereas the Rotary Foundation supports Rotary International in its goals to achieve world understanding and peace through global programs. Donations to The Rotary Foundation of US$1,000 or more are acknowledged by a Paul Harris Fellowship.  A donation to the Club's Foundation provides the opportunity to create a permanent legacy with enduring effect.
Amended 7 Jan 2021