There are several Adventure Camps available to youth that qualify, for camp sponsorship through the Rotary Club of Edmonton. The camps are developed to allow the youth to explore a variety of areas that will help then to achieve greater understanding of global citizenship, human rights and technical areas. The Adventure camps offered are:
  • Adventures in Technology (Saskatoon, SK) in April
    Exploring the world of Technology as some of the leading technology schools and organisations in Canada
  • Adventures in Tourism (Kelowna, BC) in April
    Understanding the impact of tourism in Canada and our role in global impact
  • Adventures in Forestry (Prince George, BC) in May
    A unique, fun, fast paced camp to learn about the industry of seed to sawdust!
  • Adventures in Citizenship (Ottawa, ON) in May
    This annual event provides a unique opportunity for a selected group of young Canadians to come together and gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and others, they learn a great deal about the workings of our democratic institutions. Through meeting one another and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Adventure in Human Rights (Winnipeg, Man) in August
    The mandate and goal of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to explore human rights issues within the CMHR. Although the majority of the program will be held at the museum, there will be visits to various non-governmental organizations and other Winnipeg locations in order to see positive action in progress, in the area of human rights. At the end of the program, RAHR students will have an opportunity to design an action plan that they could implement within their schools. They will also network with other students and agencies, thus increasing their human rights network. 
  • Adventures in Photography & The Night Sky (Athabasca, Alberta) in August
    You will learn about nature and low light photography, photographic equipment and techniques, as well as photographing meteors, stars and planets. This Capturing the Light video previews workshop activities.