Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace one young person at a time.
Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Exchanges for students 15 to 19 years old are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries.

What are the benefits?

Exchange students unlock their true potential to:
  • Develop lifelong leadership skills
  • Learn a new language and culture
  • Build lasting friendships with young people from around the world
  • Become a global citizen, building international peace and understanding

How long do exchanges last?

Long-term exchanges last a full academic year, and students attend local schools and live with multiple host families. Countries that we exchange with vary from year to year, however each host club must adhere to the comprehensive, world class, youth protection policies (See below under “Youth Protection Policy”)

How can I apply?

Candidates that are 15-19 years old and have a passion for service, building peace and good will should contact the Rotary Club of Edmonton at

Applications are accepted each year from August-October with student preparation following, from January-August. If you would like to join our Youth Exchange info session, please contact Nicole to register for the October orientation.