Nov 23, 2020 12:00 PM
District 5370 RI Foundation Chair - Tim Schilds
Rotary International Foundation - "The heartbeat of Rotary's service"

Please join our Rotary Club of Edmonton meeting via zoom on Monday, November 23rd to hear from and learn about the Rotary International (RI) Foundation. An informative session about how RI works, the benefits it provides and how we can support.

The RI Foundation is really the heartbeat that pumps the blood (i.e. $$$) to enable Rotary's service both at home (District Grants) and around the world. (Global Grants)

We will also hear about and from people and projects that have been, and are in the process of being supported by our Rotary Club of Edmonton.

Lots of opportunity for some Q & A's, to ensure understanding by all.

Chair of the day: Rod Karius

Join Zoom Meeting

If using the telephone, call 587-328-1099 and enter:

Meeting ID: 910 9279 5376 Password: 909387

Please join in Zoom prior to 12 noon!