Rotarian with Presidencies at two Rotary Clubs Passes
Sad news of the passing of Hal (Harold) Tipper on May 25th.   He was President of our club in 2000/01 and of Grande Prairie Rotary Club 1963/64.  Hal was a regular at our luncheon meetings. He was always friendly and social with everyone. Obviously Rotary was his life and he savoured the companionship of other members. Here is an excellent video from Hal as to how he joined Rotary:
He had an interesting history. Records show he was a fur trader in 1948.  He was a member of the Grande Prairie Ski Club when they opened their ski hill in 1960 with a single rope tow.  Check out a letter Hal wrote to Grande Prairie Rotary club about his presidency with their club in 1963/64.  Plus some comments of taking a rail coach with his club to Expo 67.  Sound like it was one heck of a party.  Hal and his wife Maxine attended the RI Convention in Toronto in Spring 1964.  Please see:
Harold wrote a book entitled Sailing in the Search of Yellow Bird that was even mentioned in The Rotarian magazine.  He seemed to follow the free willing spirit of the song "Yellow Bird".  The text was a humorous review of 15 years sailing the Caribbean like a gypsy with his wife Maxine.
At Maxine and Hal's request, there will be no celebration of life. The family will be placing the obituaries in the Edmonton Journal hopefully for the first week of June.
They were survived by:
Barbara Lynch (Albert), Cathy Tipper (Bill Schneider), Susan Tipper (Brian Grubb), and three grand-daughters Erin, Kelly, and Helen.
Donations in lieu of flowers to Y.E.S.S.: YOUTH EMERGENCY SHELTER SOCIETY OF EDMONTON. 
Reflections by Rotarians
Brent Abbott commented: 
He was the 'whip' for our manpower commitments to the bingo franchise in WEM. He was a respectful mentor, and always willing to assist. 
Jack Clements remembers many chats he with Hal at Rotary meetings.  He will miss Hal.
Muriel Dunnigan reflected: 
Hal was a true Rotarian through and through. He truly exemplified the Rotary values of Service and Fellowship. Our weekly luncheons were an important part if his life until he was beset with his illness last summer. Even though he was no longer able to attend the meetings, he had said he would remain a paid-up member as long as he lived. Over the years, he was very engaged in the work of the club giving much time to the wellbeing of our club as president and through his participation in many activities - bingos, K Days raffles, Mystery Dinners. Through his involvement in such activities, my husband and I had the opportunity to share many happy and fun times with Hal and his wife Maxine. May their souls rest in peace.
Ralph Young reflected:  Sad to hear of Hal’s passing. He was an exceptional man, and he and Maxine were very warm and generous with their friendship and contributions to Rotary. Hal had joined Rotary in Grande Prairie in the 1950s and was of the longest-serving Rotarians In Alberta. He was an active realtor in Edmonton for many years, I believe with Weber Bros. Realty until retiring early. He and Maxine took a long sabbatical on their boat in the Caribbean before returning to Edmonton and Rotary. He always has a smile and a friendly greeting for all. May he and Maxine Rest In Peace.

Please join the Directors of this club in celebrating the life of this amazing long term Rotarian

Yours in Service to Rotary
Neil Lang