One of the RCOE's major projects in the downtown community is the Millennium House apartment building located in the inner city.  Millennium House was built as a legacy project in the year 2000 in order to provide housing for people in the downtown area who were experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. 
The building houses 24 people and fills an important role in the affordable housing market, ensuring that people can maintain their living space.
Each year, our club hosts a Christmas dinner and a summer picnic at the building.  This summer the picnic took on a different look due to pandemic precautions. Our President, Brian Edwards, and two club volunteers delivered boxed lunches this Saturday to each resident of the building.  These events play a huge role in keeping us connected with the folks in the downtown community in general and with some of the tenants specifically.  It's nice to see some of the same friendly faces over the years.
Thanks to the volunteers who helped out!