Inspiration from our President, Brian Edwards
Brian at Iida's farewell this summer before returning to Finland.
President’s column – January 20th, Edmontarian
The calendar year 2021 is off to a great start with a terrific speaker program planned out. We are fortunate to have such reach into the Edmonton community to hear and learn from the leaders who are making a difference.
There are many opportunities for our club to lead with “Service Above Self”. With the rich legacy of our club, we are known to support those in need. A “Hand-up” or a “Hand-out”; a bit of guide and support for people to believe in themselves. There are many opportunities to support the development of the next generation of leaders to make a difference in our community.
Our club finances are in very good shape. Our club membership is committed and active. We have the financial and human capital to be ever the more impactful in our community. However, where to focus, or multiple focus areas? The need is greater than our capabilities. We are a club of 70 people, punching above our weight. And while we can do much, we are not the club from 30 years ago with 250 members.
The board of directors is starting to think through a strategic planning process to guide the club over the next multi-year period of time. We all have an investment in Rotary, and expectation for the return on that investment. Whether that is the newest member looking to contribute or the most experienced member who has done much, yet also looking to what comes next?
As a membership driven club, what do members want from their membership and where do you wish to focus? 
How should our club unfold?
This year’s theme of “Rotary Opens Opportunities” is very apt.
What does “Service Above Self” mean to you?
We are just starting, and there will be more information over the coming weeks and months. We need to sort out how to run an inclusive process in these covid-19 times. How to gain input, discuss and make decisions?
Rotary is needed ever the more in our community.
President Brian Edwards
We would like to thank Brian for inspiring us to organize our successful Robert Burns event and the gracious decision to support the Edmonton Food Bank.  
Neil Lang & Scott Montgomery