I had a chance today, May 29th, to check out the UofA Botanical Garden.  Looks great with the early perennial flowers bursting open. Actually I saw Wendy Lickacz sneaking around there too!  The garden was open to public June 1st with physical distancing. 
I took the pictures with this article.  Note the construction of a new entrance so they have a temporary entrance by way of the Japanese garden.
As a followup to our Aga Khan Garden tour last September, I was wondering if we should do it again in warmer weather.


If you were interested in visiting the garden with other Rotarians which would be your best choice?
1. A Monday strictly for Rotarians and adult guests
2. A day other than Monday for Rotarians
3. A weekday for Rotarian families even grandchildren
4. A weekend day for Rotarian  《,~○♡○families, etc
The above would include an optional picnic basket for each person.
Of course, this depends on what options are available according to changes in health regulations.  Don't count on the golf carts being open so be prepared for a lot of walking.  
Note most buildings are closed including cafe and washrooms except in the Aga Khan Centre.
Send a note to admin@edmontonrotary.com
As noted at the garden website;

Admissions in 2020 are by advance reservation only. This is so we can manage capacity and flow throughout the garden, minimize contact points, and allow for physical distancing. It also allows us to meet the requirement that we have a record and contact information of all visitors.