Interesting results from the Newsletter survey from the December issue:
1. Continue with the monthly newsletters.
2. Less details on birthdays, anniversaries, list of directors, etc.
3. More info on past and future speakers.
4. More timely and informative details on special events.
5. More articles from the club's committees on a rotating basis.
6. More articles of where our donations have made a difference.
If you would like to add your comments, check out the survey at: 
Thanks to those who offered their support for the newsletter!
Neil, the editor
Brief survey statistics:
63% read a great deal of the newsletter while 25% read a lot of it.
42% find the President's message the most valuable to read.  followed by 28% for Event Announcements.
Many liked the current mix of articles.
85% would like the newsletter to continue monthly.
100% would like articles from committees, 88% would like articles of where our donations have made a difference.  75% want Special Event promotions.
results above are as of January 18th, 2021