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Dr. Kirstin Veugelers Jul 22, 2019
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Dr. Terry Lake Jul 29, 2019
Opportunity & Responsibility: The Impact of Cannabis Legalization

Opportunity & Responsibility: The Impact of Cannabis Legalization

Now a $10 billion industry domestically, the recent legalization of cannabis has put Canada in the spotlight as a global leader in cannabis production and innovation. The rapid growth of this nascent industry is providing myriad opportunities for entrepreneurs but many questions remain as communities get used to a post-legalization society that accepts the responsible production, sale and use of cannabis.

Join Dr. Terry Lake, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at HEXO and the former BC Minister of Health, as he talks about the impact of cannabis legalization on existing trade and industries, job creation and the opportunities for businesses at both a local level and on a global scale.

Dr. Lake will also discuss why, as a producer of cannabis, it has an even greater social responsibility than other corporate bodies and what it is doing to build trust from an environmental, social and diversity standpoint.

There will also be an opportunity to ask Dr. Lake your questions related to the impact of cannabis legalization.

Chris Robinson, Executive Director Aug 12, 2019
Royal Alberta Museum
Rod MacLeod, Professor Emeritus, UofA Aug 19, 2019
Sam Steel