Note the location for one of our upcoming noon hour meetings is different from normal:
Monday Oct 24 - meeting at University of Alberta - University Club 11435 Saskatchewan Drive   (formerly the UofA Faculty Club)
Celebrate World Polio day,   October 24th, 2022
Community Service by our club member Anna in Warsaw
Anna Wieczorek is showing  amazing community service helping those leaving Ukraine.  Below are some stories from Anna.  
Donations are welcome.   If you would like to contribute to help our club support Ukrainian Refugees donate to the Community Service Trust Fund thru ATB Cares    Tax receipt provided by ATB Cares.   Please include a comment like "Support for Ukraine" by clicking on Share my name and comments  before entering your donation details. Thanks for your support in helping to  purchase 30 suitcases and help find emergency housing for refugees.
Anna continues to create books for children under the brand Bingo.   They have been useful for teaching Polish and English to Ukrainian children.
Sept 22nd
I’ve got a very interesting story to share  with you.
I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous Ukrainian stamps which are dedicated to the well-known event, when a Russian ship approached Zmeiny Island (Black Sea, Ukraine) and offered Ukrainian border guards to surrender. To this ultimatum, the Ukrainian soldiers suggested that the Russian warship go in a certain direction. The phrase “Russian warship, go…………” was uttered by Roman Gribov, a border guard from Snake Island. Gribov himself was captured, then he was released on exchange. In the future, the phrase became a symbol of the resistance of the Ukrainian people. The Russian ship “Moskva” pictured on this stamp was destroyed on the next day after this stamp was released.
Łukasz got a set of these stamps from his friends-soldiers from Ukriane  and brought them to Poland. He asked me to sell them. The aim was to collect money for food supplies for people who live in wreckages of Kharkov.
It was still in August when Barb was here. Without hesitation she bought them for 1000 American dollars and this is how the stamps turned into bags full of food for people in Kharkov.
I have drawn this story on this slide. Łukasz is there in the picture in Kharkov just on the right.
I can’t say more because this picture and the following one say more than words can say.
Sept 21st
I donated, in the name of our club, a baby carriage and a bassinet to two Ukrainian families here in Warsaw.
They were extremely happy. So, I’d like to share this happiness with you.
 Aug 29th:
Tomorrow I will be hosting a Ukrainian lady who is on her way from Ukraine to the US. I’m getting ready today for her arrival.
Sometimes it’s really difficult to report about everything what is taking place here. But I know you are not losing your faith in me and that helps me a lot to be as active as possible.
One thing is the most important  – we can’t stop helping Ukraine! The war is getting worse and worse and the winter time will be really hard. I worry a lot what winter is going to bring those poor Ukrainians who are still over there in their country.
We must not forget that the war is taking place every day and that people over there need us. They need us more than those who were lucky to leave their country and settle in Poland or in other countries, however, their situation is also very tough.
It is so difficult to feel what they are feeling. I tried many times and that was beyond my imagination. Everyone deserves a safe life and everyone deserves to have their home.  And that has been so brutally taken away from them. This is so dramatic.
At the moment I’m sending you something special! Look into the attachment to find some wonderful letters from Canadian kids (I took photos of their real letters that were sent to me)  from Grandview Heights School in Edmonton.
I made a lot of contacts to send all these wonderful letters to Ukrainian kids and soldiers. I put them into suitcases and backpacks that we both with Barb had bought for Ukrainian kids staying here in Poland and then gave them away. I also send many of these letters to soldiers in Ukraine. As far as I know and heard,  these messages, so beautifully illustrated and written, triggered a lot of emotional tears but most importantly, they gave our Ukrainian friends  a lot of strength, self-confidence and belief that they’re not left alone.
Sometimes a letter written by a kid’s hand  means more than a material gift. Of course we tried to combine these two gifts just to bring a little smile on Ukrainian people’s faces.  I need to write a letter of thanks to Grandview Heights School. These messages were amazing and so heart-warming. J If you happen to get in touch with the teacher from the school before my letter of thanks arrives there, give them a big hug from me!
Rotarians, families and guests enjoyed a break in the weather for our first annual picnic at Laurier Park June 25th.
Jennifer Jones      Rotary International President 2022 - 2023
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Oct 10, 2022
Thanksgiving Day
Dr. Kisha Supernant, UofA Dept Anthropology
Oct 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Indigenous Archaeology and Anthropology, including Canadian residential schools
Anne McLellan, ninth Deputy Prime Minister
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Our club acknowledges we are on Amiskwacîwâskahikan Treaty 6 land. We are all Treaty People.  
We respectfully acknowledge the land upon which our club operates is located on Treaty 6 Territory and has served a purpose as a traditional meeting ground for many First Nations groups. This territory has provided a traveling route and home to the Nakoda Sioux, and later, Blackfoot and Cree peoples, followed by Saulteaux and Métis and other Indigenous peoples.
Edmonton is also in Metis Zone 4.  The Metis flag is the white infinity symbol on a blue background recognizing a mixture of two distinct cultures.
We believe that exemplifying and embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) should be a part of everything we do at Rotary.  
Rotary Club of Edmonton is committed to supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
October 2022
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Rotary Club of Edmonton receives International Service award from District 5370

The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has created a major humanitarian crisis in the heart of Europe that is impacting the lives of millions of people in Ukraine and beyond. The Rotary Club of Edmonton immediately responded to the needs of refugees fleeing to Poland with a unique connection on the ground in Warsaw. Anna Wieczorek, a ‘virtual’ member of the Rotary Club of Edmonton, is a resident of Warsaw. As soon as Anna saw refugees appearing in Warsaw she jumped into action and alerted the Edmonton Rotary Club of the need for support.
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